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This functionality is useful in many applications. Hi, It would be very nice to have option, to add additional action in case if database monitor query (via ODBC) returns empty result. 0 version result for any SQL query automatically  in this case we need to be able to quickly monitor the jobs we have running on SQL Servers, a better life for both teams, using LLD (low-level discovery) from Zabbix and other tricks, WHERE ja. Запись вебинара "Мониторинг базы данных MySQL в Zabbix" от 20 февраля 2018 г. ZabbixDBA uses threading of DBI connections which is good for monitoring of multiple database instances simultaneously. ora file pointing to both PRIMARY and STANDBY DBs, using service_name to point to correct node. Discovery of monitored entities to create a Zabbix host for each entity is generally no issue: After we have installed Zabbix Server on Ubuntu 16. (MAX_PLUGIN_OUTPUT_LENGTH) --decode Reads the query -q in urlencoded format. Zabbix is a very convenient and flexible monitoring tool. But hey, you probably knew that already. Posted: October 5, 2018 in Linux, ON ja. Add a UserParameter line in the agent daemon configuration file with a command to execute the query, and you can monitor it from the Zabbix server same as any other item. 2 Automatic table space monitoring use the following query in zabbix: Note: the build-in function wm_concat() may not existing in the database. Repository of Templates, Addons and Modules for Zabbix. This will allow you to use an external script/program that can more efficiently gather all data and pipeline it all back in one go to Zabbix. job_id. My DevOps stack:  Oct 26, 2017 Docs/howto/Microsoft SQL Server monitoring with unixODBC and LLD Starting from 3. Want a hundred monitor, I want a thousand stations, and do not want to — watch a single server, take the cream in all sections. The templates for each Role/Role Service/Feature set should monitor the availability of services using both the Zabbix "service_state" check to query the OS and "net. Dynamically monitoring SQLServer jobs with Zabbix case we need to be able to quickly monitor the jobs we have running on SQL Servers, which are managed by the database team, they are Zabbix templates, modules & more. Most requests are done via Windows performance counters (`perf_counter`), some via PowerShell and, optionaly, via ODBC. a Lot of information in the network according to Zabbix, and a lot of bespoke templates, I want to introduce to the audience his modification. I need to query database with different queries. from what i gather, this might require some coding. I always wanted to setup a good monitoring tool for our servers and finally managed to setup Zabbix. A query planner analyzes the syntax tree and comes up with multiple ways (paths) to execute the query. Zabbix Sender man page The way I understand this question is to be able to monitor a database with log records in approximately the same way as Zabbix' built-in log monitoring. Generic monitoring solutions with plugins Zabbix . libzbxpgsql (Lib-Zabbix-PostgreSQL) provides detailed and granular monitoring of PostgreSQL servers using a native Zabbix agent module, with highly configurable item keys and a complimentary monitoring Template. session_id = ( SELECT Max (session_id). The Zabbix server needs Apache, MySQL, and PHP installed. For others 100/sec may be too much for their instance to handle. ODBC is a C Zabbix may query any database, which is supported by ODBC. SELECT SUM( data_length + index_length ) AS 'size' FROM information_schema. Before "databse monitor" item I was monitoring Oracle with Orabbix which did this job by himself substituting empty results with "none", "empty", FALSE, or whatever else. 00 sec) 23717 is one of the itemid's for my network interfaces. I have recently had the opportunity to spend some time monitoring SQL Server with an open source system called Zabbix. Zabbix provides one solution for monitoring of all database engines, yet it may require more effort to configure it efficiently. > Is there any solution about this? Except use Zabbix agent instead of snmp ? I use snmp to monitor a whole range of items, and don't have any issues. ODBC is a C programming language middle-ware API for accessing database management systems (DBMS). use zabbix server or zabbix proxy server as monitoring host use a separate Linux account to run zbxdb no special OS privileges needed do NOT run as root or a database owner does need zabbix_sender zabbix_sender needs access to zabbix_server or zabbix_proxy zbxdb hardly uses any CPU and is most of the time sleeping Generally speaking around 1000/sec is a busy SQL Server but this number depends a lot on the hardware you are running on. In the future it will be tested for new version of oracle databases. SQL (structured query language) is a database language. The ODBC concept was developed by Microsoft and later ported to other platforms. so I want to do same things in my c# code not a front-end but i dont know which table should i select from! – samiranapper Jun 27 '16 at 13:50 Zabbix offers a way to query any database using SQL queries. AWS Documentation » Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) » User Guide » Monitoring Amazon RDS Currently we are only able to display this content in English. 2 (installed on Centos 7 + zabbix from rpm packages). Other versions were not tested. Zabbix is an open source availability and performance monitoring solution. By default that item isn't queried, only simple global status variables - like bytes sent, received, etc. Introduction As database administrators, we obsess over a few things, things we don’t compromise on. 1. 000361): INSERT INTO  PostgreSQL monitoring template for Zabbix (pg_monz) is a Zabbix template for . See also   SQL queries directly to db for reporting. sh and content: ZabbixDBA. session_id = (SELECT Max(session_id) The SQL command must begin with a lowercase sql= The query is always executed by the Zabbix server. Watch Queue Queue Zabbix offers a way to query any database using SQL queries. After Database Mirroring Monitor Job is created, assuming that SQL Server Agent is running, the job is called once a minute, by default. Create a script in the script directory Zabbix, for example, with the name zabbix_database_size. Let’s have a look at how a typical SQL query is executed: The database engine parses the query and checks it for syntax errors. With the pytds driver zbxdb can monitor SQL Server without any problem. Track the performance and health of a database or a DB instance. Log in Template MS SQL 2012 Popular. make sure it has to be tested. SQL monitoring: definition, examples, uses, costs. This video is unavailable. 04 LTS server using Mariadb/MySQL database SQL queries are performed using a “Database monitor” item type. Quote: Useful Zabbix SQL queries. TABLES WHERE table_schema = 'zabbix' AND table_name = 'history' LIMIT 1; We use the examples of previous requests for monitoring. This would have an impact far beyond just the zabbix client configuration and would then need to be repeated for all MS SQL servers monitored… Thanks to ZBXNEXT-1633 Zabbix can easily connect to other monitoring systems to dynamically obtain data from entities monitored by these systems. com/databases/microsoft-sql-server/template-windows-sql- parameter Param( [string]$select, [string]$2 ) # Login SQLSERVER < publickey/> <privatekey/> <port/> <description>MONITOR o Status to  Feb 13, 2013 As the number of monitoring targets increases, write frequency of histories that The source code that originally uses SQL statements in zabbix  Apr 18, 2019 In this tutorial, you will configure a Zabbix-based monitoring system on zcat /usr /share/doc/zabbix-server-mysql/create. The KPI for Zabbix, that you could hear over and over again, is the “new values per second” number that you can find in the status of Zabbix. Сhecked zabbix-dump is a Linux bash script for backing up the Zabbix configuration data by saving MySQL or PostgreSQL database tables into a compressed file. After I enable the SQL item, hit Check now for it, and run service zabbix-server status again, I've got an error: In this tutorial we will setup a complete Network Monitoring System to install and configure Zabbix Server and its agent on latest version of CentOS 7 to monitor our complete IT infrastructure whether its Linux servers running with different applications and critical services, Windows servers Orabbix was made to monitor oracle instances with zabbix, with this you are going to acquire data from every oracle instances that you want to monitor and then zabbix server is going to produce graphs and collect data. In this article will demonstrate how to use zabbix agent to monitor MySql / Mariadb database Server by collecting data about queries, slow queries, server status, server uptime … libzbxpgsql (Lib-Zabbix-PostgreSQL) provides detailed and granular monitoring of PostgreSQL servers using a native Zabbix agent module, with highly configurable item keys and a complimentary monitoring Template. 04 LTS. You can read more about Zabbix here. So let’s start setting that up. Watch Queue Queue. So, for example: So, for example: mysql. ZabbixDBA is fast, flexible, and continuously developing plugin to monitor your RDBMS. Although I can see a "graph" and related "latest data" for all network interfaces in Zabbix front-end, there is no data for them when I directly query MySQL database!!!! mysql>select value from history where itemid=**23717** Empty set(0. PostgreSQL monitoring for Zabbix. It strikes me as odd that there are so few tools to monitor the connections and the that you have a fully operational Zabbix server and that you have your monitoring It attempts to assist you in tracking down two problems: SQL query storms  Jul 28, 2018 DBforBIX 0. Last updated: 3 years ago Monitoring queries operation per seconds. For mass data tables (events, history, trends Options for Zabbix MS SQL server monitoring. You should also take a look at Server Density (yes, this is where we shamelessly toot our own horn). Devops Monitoring Expert advice: Dockerize/automate/monitor all the things. During the webinar, we'll cover the following topics: Installation and configuration of Zabbix in the Cloud Monitoring Oracle databases using Zabbix Contribute to actiontech/actiontech_zabbix_mysql_monitor development by creating an account on GitHub. Today I've tried to add a SQL item (Database monitoring) to a host without success. ODBC monitoring corresponds to the Database monitor item type in the Zabbix frontend. Basically, the higher the value (given you have enough values to monitor), the better is the throughput of your Zabbix. basically, this question boils down to "how to create custom perfcounter" - when it's done and working, zabbix agent should be able to query it without any additional work. sql. Packages are available for multiple platforms to download on cavaliercoder. select * from users where (1=1 Result: SQL (0. You can monitor status of any Windows service with a Windows-specific item key (when using Zabbix agent) service. listen" (or variant thereof) to query the NIC TCP service(s) in question. x - SQL Injection. . Filter View: All Viewing Metrics by Using the Console Viewing DB Metrics by Using the CloudWatch API Console AWS CLI API AWS Management Console CLI RDS API I recommended, at first stop the Zabbix server and then do these steps. Find and Fix Expensive Queries www. Background ===== "Zabbix agent is deployed on a monitoring target to actively monitor local resources and applications (hard drives, memory, processor statistics etc). The result retrieved from the database is saved as the item value and can have, as usual, triggers associated with it. In this article, we will show you how to install and configure a Zabbix Proxy on Ubuntu 16. fromdual. Tables holding configuration data will be fully backed up. tcp. I check this with service zabbix-server status. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. As a practical example to illustrate how the SQL query is transformed into JSON, let us consider low-level discovery of Zabbix proxies by performing an ODBC query on Zabbix database. [mysql] user=zabbix password=zabbix host=localhost [mysqladmin] user=zabbix password=zabbix host=localhost Then save. Right-click a job to start it, stop it, enable or disable it, refresh its status as displayed in the Job Activity Monitor, delete it, or view its history or Visual Query Analysis. In the first part, Snir will focus on the generic process that will deliver the data you want to Zabbix in case of a problem, and Eitan will… Enter Zabbix. If the query returns quickly, the easiest option would probably be a userparameter. If you still face this issue then increase your “innodb_lock_wait_timeout” as per your requirement. However, the first one should work as well since it works fine in SQL Server 2008/SQL Server 2008 R2. If the query is OK the engine builds a syntax tree suitable for further processing. In Zabbix Web interface, select [Configuration] - [Templates] and display  The Grafana-Zabbix plugin can use this data source for querying data directly the additional PHP layer and additional SQL queries (user permissions checks). 3. Restart mysql: service mysqld restart Now connect to your zabbix gui and check the values coming from mysql (Monitoring--> Latest data) We currently use Zabbix to monitor our SQL Servers, generally we use Perf_Counters to gather performance information (CPU Usage, Memory, Blocked process etc. Zabbix has a rich set of features to enable users to monitor database performance, availability, configuration changes. 0 to the OID and see what happens then. In our case, we have to setup Zabbix to connect into an Oracle database which has an active dataguard. 0. 2. 6, data is gathered directly from the MySQL server without the need for any additional software or configuration. Feb 26, 2018 https://share. Zabbix Sender man page The zabbix_sender program is going to be your most portable way to push the item into the Zabbix db. The configurable items are formatted as follows. Monitoring server performance including monitoring the security server of Structured Query Language (SQL) is one of the primary jobs of Server Administrator. One of them is SQL Server availability. 7 database that should be monitored You might want to check out Redgate SQL Monitor, Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager, Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server or Apex SQL Monitor that provide in-depth SQL Server metrics and utilities, handle large environments well and offer free trials. A tutorial on creating an awesome monitoring dashboard using Zabbix & Grafana. I think the Slow_queries counter is tracked by default too, although, I don't think it tracks the slowlog itself. Why pg_monz? pg_monz enables various types of monitoring of PostgreSQL such as alive, resource, performance, etc. For most of data collected are present some trigger that send mail for each trouble funded or performance problem. We need to partition the following tables from Zabbix database: • history • history_log • history_str • history_text • history_uint • trends • trends_uint. On the other hand, it’s very difficult to locate these tools via web searches, that’s the reason we’ve compiled 4 command line tools to monitor MySQL database uptime, load and performance in Linux. Jul 11, 2016 A good SQL Server monitoring plan can help you stay on top of: For instance, by keeping a track record of query completion times you could  Dashboard Mysql Zabbix Example dashboard of database Myssql. Обучающая организация: Томский Query details view shows SQL text, execution plan XML, and a graphical view of the execution plan; Query signature view rolls matching queries into a query signature; Official release of the SQL DM web dashboard - The web dashboard capabilities that were introduced in DM 8. webapps exploit for PHP platform. com lets you: Download & share Grafana dashboards and plugins; Post questions and get answers on our community forum; Stay up to date on new Grafana releases and news. Access to Grafana Cloud. ) - netrusov/ZabbixDBA Keep an eye on your SQL Server performance! Database servers are critical to business and need to be highly available. Using the Performance Schema with MySQL Server 5. This is one of the alarms that we have that checks for the number of missed chats in the last 30 minutes: Zabbix Template for monitoring and collecting Microsoft SQL Server statistics. Zabbix DB SQL queries to bring the trigger status. Download a free 14-day trial. For English and Russian version. Initially I added in zabbix the item to monitor on each node I needed, created a separate table in MySQL to hold the final list and then made a cron script that would do the following: retrieve a list of nodes that have a given item by item key_ with Zabbix API; retrieve all items by itemid that I found out in a previous query with Zabbix API If someone has a Workbook which connects to a Zabbix DB which does some of these things, would you consider sharing it? Update 06/02/2017: Here is the SQL I wrote to partially answer this question. I presume you already have a mysql username=zabbix and password=zabbix with all privileges. Create a separate host for every mssql instance in Enabling the InnoDB File-Per-Table tablespaces and migrate the MySQL database for Zabbix 3. So then, if we want to monitor a foreign-language MS SQL server, the following options seem to be available: Switch system language to English or Russian. Zabbix is a low footprint, low impact, open source monitoring tool that provides various notification types and integrates easily with your ticketing system. Properly configured, Zabbix can play an important role in monitoring IT conditions in WHERE clause of an SQL query The function expects sanitized data and  Monitoring Microsoft SQL Jobs with Zabbix. If you run the SQL query from ssh then increase the ssh session timeout time. NOTE: Item names must be unique. status the status Item you want to query. I want to monitor MySQL query from Zabbix. How to use zabbix to monitor MS SQL database perfo How to use standby sharepoint farm to access logsh Troubleshooting Apache/PHP 500 error; Migrate Oracle database from 11g to 10g on another January (4) 2011 (46) December (6) November (3) October (6) September (1) The zabbix_sender program is going to be your most portable way to push the item into the Zabbix db. PostgreSQL monitoring template for Zabbix (pg_monz) is a Zabbix template for monitoring PostgreSQL. go-zabbix-mssql Intro. pganalyze/collector is a tool which collects pg_stat_plans query information as well as various performance-relevant database parameters and converts them into a JSON structure for easy ingestion in other systems. ), Zabbix also lets us monitor services I've installed Zabbix on Ubuntu. Zabbix provides monitoring metrics, such as network utilization, CPU load and disk Database Connectivity (ODBC) Structured Query Language (SQL) queries ,  Feb 24, 2017 Review the replication agents' status in Replication Monitor (SQL A result of this query is a single numeric value (Idle status, in the case  Aug 15, 2016 Zabbix 2. Uninstall zabbix-agent To remove just zabbix-agent package itself from Ubuntu 16. The job then calls the sp_dbmmonitorupdate system stored procedure. 04 (Xenial Xerus) execute on terminal: sudo apt-get remove zabbix-agent Uninstall zabbix-agent and it's dependent packages To remove the zabbix-agent package and any other dependant package which are no longer needed from Ubuntu Xenial. Redgate's SQL Monitor is an Microsoft SQL Server monitoring, alerting, and analysis tool for database administrators. gz | mysql -uzabbix -p zabbix . Luckily, there are variety of open source tools created by MySQL community to fill the gaps. status[zabbix,super-secret-password,Slow_queries] Monitor a device performance on Linux with Zabbix; Getting hard disk performance stats from zabbix; Both use the same technique of querying the /proc/diskstats file and plotting that information. SQL Server Agent calls Database Mirroring Monitor Job once a minute, by default, and the job calls sp_dbmmonitorupdate to The templates for each Role/Role Service/Feature set monitor the availability of services using both the Zabbix "service_state" check to query the OS and "net. So for failover purposes we have to configure a different connect string in tnsnames. To do that The SQL command mustn't contain any line breaks. Go to Zabbix Server web interface, click on Configuration tab -> Hosts and go to Windows host -> Items and hit on Create item. With LLD. com 1 MySQL Performance Monitoring with Zabbix An alternative to the MySQL Enterprise Monitor? by Oli Sennhauser oli. First of all, this is the utility to collect tricky metrics from MS SQL Server instance and send it to Zabbix trapper items using Go implementation of zabbix-sender. You will need to write a script which  The keys described in the document allow for custom SQL queries to be executedwith the results displayed in Zabbix. In this article, we will show you how we implemented a little system to create generic business data based alerts, and show them on Zabbix when needed. Zabbix plugin to monitor RDBMS (Oracle, Pg, MySQL, MS SQL, DB2, etc. • Oracle Database and Network Monitoring in the Cloud with Zabbix23 zbxora is a zabbix plugin consisting of § zbxora. Right-click Job Activity Monitor and click View Job Activity. Each query created has an associated 'Item' or item name that Zabbix will use to identify the query. The query is used for multiple line output only. props file can be modified or added to, so you can supply your own customised queries through Orabbix against your Oracle instances/databases. sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove zabbix-agent Purging zabbix-agent If you If the SQL Server Agent service fails unexpectedly, you can determine which jobs were in the middle of being executed by looking at the previous session in the Job Activity Monitor. You can monitor up to two SQL Servers simultaneously. I have problem with query Oracle database (12c) from zabbix 3. MySQL is the most widely used open-source relational database. -l, --longquery Optional query or SQL file to execute on MSSQL server. Without this SQL item, the Zabbix server runs fine. Therefore, most of the instructions on ODBC monitoring page apply in order to get a working   ODBC monitoring corresponds to the Database monitor item type in the Zabbix frontend. By default Nagios will only read the first 4 KB. I unfortunately don't have a server with MS SQL available to test the above OIDs. It will monitor your second server; this second server will be referred to as the second CentOS server. Create multiple widgets to monitor SQL server data from each installation or even create an entire dashboard page specifically for monitoring all aspects of your SQL server’s health. 6. info . com. -q, --query Optional query or SQL file to execute on MSSQL server. Definition. Select PSK for both Connections to host and Connections from host. The purpose of this tool is to monitor the server so that you know how the state of the server, database, and SQL. sennhauser@fromdual. 2 and the second VM has MySQL 5. 04 virtual machines. 04 LTS / Ubuntu 18. This query gives me XML Graph for each deadlock detected, that we are used to from our Deadlock Graph report in SQL Server Profiler. job_id = j. System requirements If you are planning to monitor a lot of items this method turns our rather expensive as each check has to fork osql, login etc. Zabbix is a monitoring tool which can be useful monitor entire infrastructure, litrelly any services. Monitor the SQL data you care about. WHERE ja. 4 has been released, easily monitor Oracle, MySQL, added a new parameter to define a custom period for each queryfile. Monitor real-time query performance, check execution statistics, filter and pinpoint SQL code that is causing a slow-down. In the Job Activity Monitor, you can view details about each job that is defined for this server. In item page is described now as "Not supported". Database Monitoring. So the template for MySQL isn't part of stock zabbix; the query is part of an add on template. Obviously MySQL Enterprise Monitor will be easier to setup, yet it comes at price and is limited to one database engine only. Create UserParameters in Zabbix to Query /proc/diskstats. It captures, measures, and analyzes performance metrics from all critical system components and helps you detect and correct the root causes of problems before end users are affected. We may use several tools, scripts, and/or configurations, in addition to constant oversight to ensure that the database is always available. py § oracle query files for primary/standby/asm instances § zabbix template • Low Level Discovery rules (lld) • items • triggers • graphs § queries per version of Oracle § zbxora_starter § zbxora_sender Oracle SQL Server 2012(11) SQL Server 2016(13) mysql 5; mysql 8; cockroachDB 2; zbxdb is very cluster aware and will monitor the full cluster using a single connection to a single instance and monitor all databases served by that instance. If so, this question is in two parts: (1) how to poll the database for new records only and (2) how to send data to Zabbix in a manner that it can understand. You will need to write a script which takes the resultant data, splits it into two then sends the two items back using the zabbix_sender as it can handle mutliple values, if properly formatted. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 monitoring. I have two Ubuntu Server 16. Step 4: Setting Zabbix Server to monitor specfic service. Zabbix may query any database, which is supported by ODBC. Hi Rich. To help with some of the issues regarding monitoring SQL Server, I have put together and released a miniature SQL Server Multiple Instance Template for Zabbix. The agent gathers operational information locally and reports data to Zabbix server for further processing. The result retrieved from the database is saved as the item value, and can have, as usual, triggers associated with it. In zabbix front-end u can select which date/time to give u a graph. Nov 19, 2018 Configure repositories and install Zabbix Server and Frontend SQL> create database zabbix;SQL> grant all privileges on zabbix. So instead of using the XML Value Method, I used the XML Query Method to get the Deadlock Graph. zabbix. zbxdb uses Low Level Discovery to detect the various components of a SQL Server cluster. Step 3: Start ZABBIX AGENT in WINDOWS Open Windows Services utility and locate Zabbix Agent service to START the service. I write a program in c# and I use some sql queries in my codes in order to fetch some data from zabbix DB. A fully customizable dashboard makes it easy to monitor the SQL info you choose. The query. The first one has installed Zabbix Server 3. com On one server, you will install Zabbix; this tutorial will refer to this as the Zabbix server. pg_monz is a Zabbix monitoring template for PostgreSQL. Slow queries. I also installed oracle instant-client and ODBC package. This is useful for automatic creation of “zabbix[proxy,<name>,lastaccess]” internal items to monitor which proxies are alive. With most item types this works quite well but the ODBC type is one where it doesn't. Create a separate host for every Oracle database in zabbix. In this article, I will show how to add MySQL database monitoring on Zabbix. Run 3 Million checks per month with worldPing global performance monitoring. A monitoring tool is a must for any IT pro who manages servers. Your Zabbix server probably already has information from monitoring within its database. Download Now » Then try adding . Queries are performed with SQL to process database information. if not  Dec 19, 2017 Massively changed the interval and dynamics of changes to the data elements of templates and hosts, I have the following queries (the first  The zabbix_sender program is going to be your most portable way to push the item into the Zabbix db. Articles get written about MySQL on a daily basis, offering tips on how to set up, maintain and, yes, even monitor MySQL. As the Zabbix Ops, we want to split the large ibdata1 file, so than we can reduce the obsolete data The key parameters should be mysql-username, mysql-password, and for mysql. x/3. Now I created item "Database monitor" with simple query. I'am new to Zabbix. To open the Job Activity Monitor, expand SQL Server Agent in Management Studio Object Explorer, right-click Job Activity Monitor, and click View Job Activity. ManageEngine SQL Health Monitoring Tool helps monitor MS SQL Servers for performance, availability and monitors all the MS SQL versions including MS SQL 2012 and 2014. Contribute to burner1024/zabbix-sql development by creating an account on GitHub. Please check as to whether or not an inner join should be changed to left join, my zabbix data may be different than yours. Both of the above links used the following UserParameters: Expand SQL Server Agent. In that case it may be worth looking into zabbix_sender. 5 as a tech preview are officially released in DM 9. Access the MySQL console and verify the Zabbix oldest entry date for the 7 tables Find out more about setting up a database monitoring scenario with SQL server sensors in our online manual. After I enable the SQL item, hit Check now for it, and run service zabbix-server status again, I've got an error: How about ZABBIX PostgreSQL monitoring with LLD without custom addons installed on the server or milions of very heavy userparameter? 🙂 I’ve been searching for some way to monitor PostgreSQL database, all the solution I’ve found were based either on some custom addon: Joining Grafana. Also, using the below query as a template, you can query other O/S performance counters related to SQL Server. The Precise Platform is designed specifically to keep your Oracle environment available and performing at peak efficiency. zabbix monitor sql query

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